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                                                                the new way of yoga life 


our dream let you find

Path of true yoga a journey to find the meaningful life ..
Freedom from all yoga the style and make your own yoga style.
Become knowledgeable to lead you to find yourself .

bring your life in your life peace and joy 

DS yoga has a unique and profound meaning. D-Dhyana. Meditation S-Samadhi. Happy and peaceful state


SUNIL KAPRUWAN Mediation teacher

Teacher S, born in the world of Yoga retreat-the Rishikesh India . Practicing yoga from an early age, he has followed a number of yoga mentors to study different genres and styles of yoga systems, including traditional Sivananda yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Hatha Yoga, which are integrated and have their own unique understanding of yoga,After years of his own yoga practice and understanding, with his nine years of accumulation of teaching, he managed a variety of the essence of yoga styles, created the “S”yoga style. Broken all the limited of yoga styles and practicing ways, direct to the point of yoga, helping the students to find more personalized and free practicing way to open the body, regulate respiration, feel inside, explore and discover the suitable for our own yoga practicing way and the way of life

DONG CHENG spiritual teacher

A seeker of spiritual growth. From a young age, the ultimate answer to the search for life, the universe, and anything is extremely obsessive, once loved astronomy, biology, philosophy .From the beginning of philosophy and out of uncontrollable, found that the ancient civilization once revealed all the answers I have been searching for, that is in the hearts of each and every one of us.
A practitioner who wants to break through the routine.
Jumping out of a college teacher job that has worked for 11 years, trying to do something that you like and can inspire others at the same time.
A yoga practitioner who pursues true righteousness. Because of professional reasons, for their teachers are very picky. Ten years ago, I was exposed to yoga, and I only started last year because I met the teacher SUNIL who had been searching for it.
Yoga practice requires self-persistence, but also need the guidance of the teacher.

Our Teachers

our teachers, through their unique way of yoga practice, lead you to know yourself, to find yourself, to be aware of yourself, and thus to return to yourself


props and flow teacher


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vinyasa flow teacher

Cheng xi

Asana teacher



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