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life is an experience that cannot be understood intellectually and will only become living knowledge through practice and experience.
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Let Our Over 20+ Years of Experience Be Your Guide and inspire you to explore the profound connection of yoga, and make your body Healthy & mind Peaceful!

An unforgettable 
encounter with yourself.

Mindful Meditation

Mindful meditation regulated the nervous system of the body will produce new positive energy and make the mind emotion present, positiveness, calm, and brings you awareness that gives you a joyful experience every day in your life

one lesson


each session is 45 minutes

Balancing Meditation

See the world inside you to feel more relaxed, focused and Experience more love and compassion.

one week course


each session is 45 minutes

Live Yoga Session

Every day yoga

The daily courses will be divided into two categories: elementary and advanced according to the level of training of the students, mainly in the difficulty of asanas and the requirements for an understanding of yoga, to allow each student to gradually strengthen and Enhance flexibility and yoga attainments, and feel the physical and mental pleasure

one lesson


each session is 60 minutes

Yoga Training

Beginner, intermediate, and advance

Yoga training gives you a strong foundation for your personal and spiritual growth and skills to become knowledgeable and complete the transformation from a yoga practitioner to a yoga teacher and establish a distinctive style that is different from any other yoga teaching

100 hours course


each session is 60 minutes

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