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The DS Yoga Teacher Training Course is registered with Yoga Alliance at the 100, 200 and 300 hour level.


 IS your goal is to receive your 200-hour certification, you must comply with Yoga Alliance’s standards, which include passing a written exam and teaching a basic DS Hatha Yoga class before graduation. Upon graduating as a certified 200-hour yoga teacher, you will be equipped with the necessary knowledge, experience, and confidence to teach yoga to anyone regardless of age or condition. You will get a sound foundation in all aspects of yoga. You will also experience tremendous transformation in your life and practice from the teachings and presence of a master. 


Anatomy and physiology in relation to Hatha yoga.

Asanas (yoga postures): Practice and teaching techniques.

  • Astral body,  nadis, and chakras.
  • Ayurveda: Basic introduction to this ancient healing art.
  • Bhakti yoga: The path of devotion and love for God, including the practices of chanting, worship, and self-surrender.

Bhagavad Gita: Study and its application to life.

  • Jnana yoga: Self knowledge, inquiry into the question Who am I?
  • Karma and reincarnation.
  • Karma Yoga: The path of action and selfless service (1-hour practice each day involving preparing dinner vegetables, cleaning the ashram, gardening, and other projects.)
  • Meditation, mantra and Japa yoga: Use of divine sound vibration for healing on all levels.
  • Nada yoga: Study and application of sound vibration as a tool for healing and uplifting the emotions and the mind. Involves mantra chanting.
  • Pranayama and breathing exercises: Mastery of prana or vital energy.
  • Raja yoga: The study and control of the mind.
  • Vedanta philosophy: Study of the universe, self and truth

DS Yoga




15 days

Basic 100 hour Teacher training course.



40 days 

200- hour intermediate Teacher training Course




300-hour advance Teacher training course.

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